Ready To Have More Confidence, Motivation, and More Energy time in just 6 weeks?

Join my next 6 Week Group Coaching Program and discover The SHIP Method which will show you how to build rituals and routines that allow you to take care of YOU.

Get really clear on who you really are and understand what's been holding you back from feeling super motivated and confident.

Learn to trust your own intuition and get clear on your true purpose.

Take back the reigns for your life and feel free, energized and enthusiastic.

Drop the feelings of guilt, frustration and overwhelm for good?

Learn from others, get 121 support and group coaching on your specific needs

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The SHIP Method STARTS ON Monday 8th February 2021. REGISTRATION CLOSES IN:


"Afternoon, I wanted to say that I found the SHIP program challenging, interesting, thought provoking, and rewarding (sometimes all at the same time!). I am pleased that I signed up (and to be one of the initial inductees into the method) - the other ladies were lovely and supportive and I hope that they also found things that they could use and take with them on their own personal voyages, just like me. Good luck and thank you again, xx"

- Erica

"Lisa Moore is possibly the most inspiring person I have ever met.
The Ship Method puts in clear and thought provoking language why we hold ourselves back and encourages changes in thought and habit . That withstanding Lisa does not pretend that any steps taken to change lifestyle are easy or always need to be big ones . In fact manageable small steps are likely to be more lifelong and steadfast . 
Thank you Lisa.

- Helen

"Hi, I’m Toto & at nearly 53 I realise that it is my lack of confidence that has held me back with the many things I have wanted to achieve in my life. I am a happy & healthy person, however I know that in order to take my life to the next level I need to be a more confident & motivated version of me. I am thrilled that Lisa has launched the SHIP Method as it a journey that I’m now ready to take & I couldn’t think of a more wonderful person to be at the helm, I had to use it!😉- Toto

Yes! I'm In.

Do any of these feel familiar to you?

  • I feel tired and exhausted and am fed up with it.
  • I feel guilty putting myself first.
  • I constantly procrastinate and faff!
  • There are never enough hours in the day.
  • I feel like something is missing, I'm not sure of my purpose anymore.
  • I wish had more time to take care of my health.
  • I don't like what I see in the mirror.
  • I can't seem to lose those few pounds.
  • I wish I could tell others how I really feel but I'm worried about how they'll respond.

Here's How It Works...


Weekly Pre-recorded Training

Approximately 1 hour each week training on the principles of the SHIP method. All recorded and available for you forever!


Downloadable Weekly Workbooks

Just print them out and use them to complete the tasks set each week.


Private Facebook Group

Set up specifically for the next SHIP where you can ask questions, make friends and get access to me.


Live Coaching Weekly - Ask Me Anything

A chance to ask questions, receive 121 coaching, and chat about anything that you're not sure of or are struggling with. Full support 100% guaranteed.

Here's What Previous Client's Have Said about The SHIP Method and working with me...

I really enjoyed working with Lisa as a member of her group called the SHIP Method.  Lisa is a really down to earth, “say it like it is” lovely lady.  She’s a talented coach who makes the work you do in her group very personal and confidential. She stays in touch via a Facebook Group, so you don’t feel like you’re neglected at any time.  The powerful questions she uses helps you focus on the here and now and also your future goals in order to learn more about yourself; the qualities that make up your uniqueness of being you and helping you identify and work towards your goals.   The highlight for me was identifying my purpose.  It helps me to maintain my focus, my compass, as to who I am, where I’m going and therefore, what services I offer to my clients.  I highly recommend joining Lisa on her next SHIP Modules

Lorraine Biggs

I enjoyed the sessions and the challenges to make me think about things, now I am focusing on one thing, and I can see that now I am starting to get a handle of that one thing. And I might be ready to start looking at different areas!  My normal pattern of behaviour is to flit from one thing to another and not give each thing the right amount of attention, so I have stepped out of my comfort zone and held firm to concentrate on one thing. Now I can see the idea behind enjoying the journey because I am doing it and starting to see results, so now I can start widening the net and look at some other things.  You are very supportive and encouraging and clearly know your stuff. Thankyou"


Nice to meet you. I'm Lisa.

My passion is Health and Wellness and I am proud to have helped hundreds of women through decades of experience in this field.

I too have struggled with having too much to do, worrying about what other people think and for many years I had a huge underlying lack of confidence.

As a Single Parent, running her own business I've had to learn the hard way that the only person who can change how I feel is ME!

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, frustrated, and guilty about putting yourself first. Saying Yes when you really want to say No and looking at this never-ending To-Do list.

Running around doing everything for everyone else is exhausting and in the end, your health and happiness suffer.

And all this led me to the creation of The SHIP Method....because I felt it was time to share the methods that I've discovered for feeling calm, energized and confident every day.

Let me show you how it is possible to make time for you without the guilt trip, to lead a healthy lifestyle and to be in control of your day.

The SHIP Method is a 6 Week Transformation Program and focuses on Four Key Areas:

  • Self: Understand your beliefs, what's been holding you back, and the excuses that aren't really true so that you are able to wake up each day full of positivity, energy and motivation.
  • Health: How to build a simple and easy to implement a healthy lifestyle so that you fall back in love with your body, have oodles of energy and feel confident to look in the mirror.
  • Intuition: By understanding this XX that we all have inside u, you will be able to make decisions without procrastinating. You will learn to trust your instincts so that you can be happy to say NO, without feeling guilty and make courageous choices that lead you to a more fulfilled and wonderful life.
  • Purpose: Understanding purpose will bring you clarity and calm so that each day you know where you are going, what needs to be done and what can be left for another day or even forgotten about altogether.


I'm sure you're sitting there thinking that you've heard it all before and that you're wondering how this transformation could be any different than everything else out there?

The SHIP Method is not like any programs you'll find out there, I designed it over many years of working with women just like you ( and just like me!)

Most other programs will offer you ....

A Quick Fix which might make you feel better for a couple of weeks but then you revert back to how you felt before. The SHIP method gives you tools that you can use over and over again that work.

A-One Size Fits All Approach - Giving you a nutrition and exercise program that doesn't really fit within your lifestyle, won't help. If it's too complicated, takes too long and isn't really something you enjoy then you won't do it! The SHIP method teaches you how to create a simple and easy to implement healthy lifestyle that suits you and your family.

Focuses Only On One Area - The SHIP method is unique as it doesn't just focus on one area. The four foundations are holistic and each compliments the other. It is not complicated or confusing, just simple and easy so that you don't feel stuck.

The Benefits...

  • Re-ignite your passion for life.
  • Confidence to say Yes and to say NO!
  • Fitter, healthier and stronger
  • Huge surge in Confidence and Motivation
  • A feeling of clarity and a sense of calm

Your Investment: £297

And you will also get these AMAZING BONSUES!

1 x Private 121 Coaching Session

In addition to the 6 Training modules, you get an opportunity to have a 121 Private Coaching session with me directly at any point during the program. A 60 MInute call where we focus directly on you and what you're struggling with.

Online 6 Week Transformation Program (worth £187)

Access to my 6 Week Body Transformation program, which includes a short detox plan, a balanced and tasty recipe book and pre-filmed workouts. Designed to start 2021 in the best possible way, feeling healthy and strong.

Immediate Access to Mindful Habits.

(Value £150)

A series of 5 videos which will help you to create some simple and easy habits. Helping you maintain excellent health, reduces stress and let go of anxieties and worries.

How To Stop Worrying About What Others Think Ebook.

A downloadable PDF. A step by step guide which will help with this common problem!

2 Weeks Free Access to Online Fit For Moore Exercise Classes. (Worth £80 )

Join my regular 9.30 am Metabolic Effect ( rest based training ) 30 Minute class Live on Zoom for 2 weeks and step up your fitness in 2021. Great to burn fat, strengthen and tone your body whilst being able to rest!

Lisa's SHIP method programme was just what I needed at a difficult stage of my life. Lisa is so friendly, approachable and also shared her life to date & what makes Lisa, Lisa. I felt like she was there for me and truly wanted to help and support me.

I really loved the way she gave examples (eg feeding the wolf! ) as it helped me to see things differently and allowed me think. By end of the programme I really felt like I now have the tools to make my new chapter of my life happen how I want it to.

Bev xx

First of all I wanted to say thank you to Lisa for such an amazing and well thought out course, The SHIP method.

The course looks at various aspects in your life to enable you to be able to think about how they affect your well-being and then evaluate these areas. One particular area that resonated with me was when we discussed values, in week four entitled 'Intuition and Trust.  I realised how very important that certain values are to me, which over the years have caused me angst, I now realise that my values did not align with others.

I have used a lot of the tools that are provided in the course to help you deal with the roller coaster of life, almost on a daily basis. These tools have helped me deal with the issues in a practical way, compared with how I might have dealt with them previously.

Lisa Moore has a kind, caring and compassionate approach in wanting to help people change how they feel about themselves and approach the many challenges in life.

Thanks again Olivia Honeyman